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Security Systems Provide Comfort

My name’s Michelle Anderson. I work in an office with about fifteen other people. Our office is located in the downtown area of our town, so there is a good amount of traffic in the vicinity. I’m pretty much always the first person to arrive at work. I generally feel safe, and we have a security system that makes me feel even safer. I use a remote device to disarm our alarm system. I’ll admit that there were times when I didn't get disarm the system quickly enough, and the alarms went off. We have a live person that comes on over the speaker and requires a password from us to ensure that we are really all right. There was one time when I wasn't all right. Someone followed me into the office. Learn how a security system can protect you.


Travelling? 5 Ways To Deter Thieves From Your Empty Home

If you love to travel, leaving your home for long periods of time is a necessary part of your life. But how can you protect that home while you're not there? Here are a few ways to leave the house without attracting unwanted attention from thieves. Add an Alarm. A security alarm, from a company like SVSI, is perfect for those who can't respond to emergencies themselves. Look for a security alarm that is answered by representatives of the local security service. Read More 

2 Ways to Protect Your Pets in the Event of a Fire

If a fire starts in your house, and you are away from home, you can protect your pets by taking these three preventative measures. Use a Monitored Smoke Detection Service Most fire alarms are designed to go out when a significant amount of smoke fills your house. Traditional fire alarms are not set-up to alert emergency authorities if your alarm goes off. Their sole purpose is to make enough noise to alert your attention so that you make it out of your house safely. Read More 

Top Tips For Deterring Burglars And Break-Ins

It's a very scary thing to picture: You're at home, sleeping peacefully in your bed, when a stranger breaks into your house to steal your personal belongings, or worse. Being the victim of a burglary is a terrible feeling. It's a feeling of violation and helplessness. It is one of the most common and heinous crimes being committed worldwide. The question is: how do you protect your home, family, and property? Read More