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Security Systems Provide Comfort

My name’s Michelle Anderson. I work in an office with about fifteen other people. Our office is located in the downtown area of our town, so there is a good amount of traffic in the vicinity. I’m pretty much always the first person to arrive at work. I generally feel safe, and we have a security system that makes me feel even safer. I use a remote device to disarm our alarm system. I’ll admit that there were times when I didn't get disarm the system quickly enough, and the alarms went off. We have a live person that comes on over the speaker and requires a password from us to ensure that we are really all right. There was one time when I wasn't all right. Someone followed me into the office. Learn how a security system can protect you.


2 Ways to Protect Your Pets in the Event of a Fire

If a fire starts in your house, and you are away from home, you can protect your pets by taking these three preventative measures.

Use a Monitored Smoke Detection Service

Most fire alarms are designed to go out when a significant amount of smoke fills your house. Traditional fire alarms are not set-up to alert emergency authorities if your alarm goes off. Their sole purpose is to make enough noise to alert your attention so that you make it out of your house safely.

A monitored smoke detection service is set-up to send a signal to an alarm monitoring company if your smoke alarm goes off. The alarm monitoring company will then immediately place a call to the local emergency authorities and let them know that an alarm has gone off in your home. Within minutes, the local authorities should arrive to investigate the alarm.

If you have a pet in your house, it is crucial that you upgrade from a traditional fire alarm to a monitored smoke detection alarm. If your traditional alarm goes off, until a passerby notices, no one is going to be called to help and your pet is going to be stuck inside with the smoke, fire, and the excessively loud noise from the alarm. The monitoring service you use can also alert emergency officials to the presence of pets in your home.

On the other hand, if you have a monitored smoke detection alarm, your pets stand a chance of being rescued from your home.

Place a Pet Alert Window Cling Next to Your Main Entrances

When the firefighters arrive though, they will not know to look for your pets. That is why it is so important to purchase a pet alert window cling. You can find pet alert window clings at your local pet store or pick them up at your local fire department. 

The pet alert window clings allow you to write down the number of pets that you have in your house, and alert emergency responders to the fact that you have pets in your home. On some decals, you can even write the type of pets as well as their names.

You should place your pet alert window cling on the closest window to your front door. If you have multiple entrances into your home, you should place a pet alert cling next to each entrance.

Keep your pets safe when you are not home by investing in a monitored smoke detection service and by keeping up-to-date pet alert window clings next to the entrances to your house. For more information on security systems, talk to a professional like Triton Security in Calgary.