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My name’s Michelle Anderson. I work in an office with about fifteen other people. Our office is located in the downtown area of our town, so there is a good amount of traffic in the vicinity. I’m pretty much always the first person to arrive at work. I generally feel safe, and we have a security system that makes me feel even safer. I use a remote device to disarm our alarm system. I’ll admit that there were times when I didn't get disarm the system quickly enough, and the alarms went off. We have a live person that comes on over the speaker and requires a password from us to ensure that we are really all right. There was one time when I wasn't all right. Someone followed me into the office. Learn how a security system can protect you.


Travelling? 5 Ways To Deter Thieves From Your Empty Home

If you love to travel, leaving your home for long periods of time is a necessary part of your life. But how can you protect that home while you're not there? Here are a few ways to leave the house without attracting unwanted attention from thieves.

Add an Alarm. A security alarm, from a company like SVSI, is perfect for those who can't respond to emergencies themselves. Look for a security alarm that is answered by representatives of the local security service. Also, add peace of mind by linking in smoke detectors and carbon dioxide monitors, outdoor motion sensors, and even doorbell cameras. Everything can be handled through one service, and you know your home is protected from a variety of potential problems.

Get a Light Timer. Lights being constantly on or constantly off are one of the best indicators that no one is actually home. Fool thieves by installing a simple light timer on selected interior lights near windows and doors. This timer will randomize the schedule for lights on and lights off, or it can be programmed to replicate your basic activity when you're there.  

Keep Up the Landscaping. Another indicator that a home is unoccupied is when the landscaping gets long and scraggly or when plants die off from lack of care. Before leaving, work with a local landscape company to give your yard a burglar-deterring makeover, such as by trimming back bushes and trees near windows. Then, have them keep up the yard maintenance once per week when you're not there.

Use a Lockbox. It's easy to suggest pausing your mail or forwarding it during long trips, but things can slip through the cracks. Packages, for instance, may still arrive on your doorstep. And the sudden change in mail or delivery activity can make thieves more interested. Instead, have your mailing address and package service changed to a mail store or lockbox company. They can hold everything there without changing your home's regular routine. 

Get a House Sitter. Ask a trusted friend, neighbor, or family member to stop by the house at least once per week to give it a checkup. If possible, have them stop by immediately after snowfall or a rain storm and then at random times throughout your time away. They should check the property for anything amiss and do a walk-through of the home's interior. Entice them to stay longer occasionally by offering the use of your home's amenities or leaving a gift of wine or nonperishable snacks for them to enjoy. 

Any one of these five methods can help deter burglars and thieves from taking advantage of your travel plans. Applying all of them will do even more. And then, you can get back to enjoying vacation rather than worrying about what's going on at home.