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Security Systems Provide Comfort

My name’s Michelle Anderson. I work in an office with about fifteen other people. Our office is located in the downtown area of our town, so there is a good amount of traffic in the vicinity. I’m pretty much always the first person to arrive at work. I generally feel safe, and we have a security system that makes me feel even safer. I use a remote device to disarm our alarm system. I’ll admit that there were times when I didn't get disarm the system quickly enough, and the alarms went off. We have a live person that comes on over the speaker and requires a password from us to ensure that we are really all right. There was one time when I wasn't all right. Someone followed me into the office. Learn how a security system can protect you.


Travelling? 5 Ways To Deter Thieves From Your Empty Home

If you love to travel, leaving your home for long periods of time is a necessary part of your life. But how can you protect that home while you're not there? Here are a few ways to leave the house without attracting unwanted attention from thieves. Add an Alarm. A security alarm, from a company like SVSI, is perfect for those who can't respond to emergencies themselves. Look for a security alarm that is answered by representatives of the local security service. Read More